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chef / owner / overalls enthusiast

aaron silverman was not born with a whisk in his hand nor was he stirring tomato sauce by his mother’s side at the age of five. instead he was watching thunder cats and trying not to suck at little league baseball (which in fact, he did). his resume includes working for chefs David Chang, Sean Brock, Marco Canora & George Mendes to name a few.

name drop………check.

he is mildly obsessed with flowers, occasionally full of shit, and almost always 20 minutes late…….that said, still a pretty ok guy.



gm / handy-man / class act

michael richmond a.k.a. michael. a.k.a. mike a.k.a hey you. a.k.a. squirrel . . .

comes most recently from Jean-Georges in NYC. he also spent time at Oceana in nyc, as well as a couple years at a little place in Louisiana known as Commander's Palace. As for the rest of his resume, we won't share it as it is NSFW.

after working at a Michelin 3 star and NY Times 4-star restaurant (JG), Michael was ready to relax a little, so we convinced him to come down to DC and join us. It was easy. All it took was a roll of ducktape, a pillow case and a rental van.

his steps of service are spot on, and he can fix ANYTHING… from broken toilet seats to broken hearts..




chef de cuisine / prep-ninja / excel master

bj lieberman brings passion and a serious work ethic to Rose's. he kills it at prep, makes all kinds of cool hats in his free time and most importantly, knows how to “make shit happen". his rugged yet handsome good looks don't hurt either…hands off ladies (AND gentleman), he's spoken for.

bj is originally from Virginia, but spent the last 12 years in Charleston, SC. He most recently worked at Husk restaurant before moving back to D.C.

strengths: he used to be a graphic designer for restaurants

weakness: he likes to remind you of that. often.




assistant gm / clear expectation setter

KC – she is super awesome at being super awesome. KC, short for Kristen Carson or Kansas City (where she is from) was a regular guest before she joined the Rose's team.

Having virtually no restaurant experience, KC started at the bottom but skyrocketed her way up to management in a matter of months. Now she is one of the most feared and respected “expectation setters" in all the land.

Totally kidding. She is actually super-midwesterny and awesome. And we're so thankful she left her corporate career behind and decided to join us.

Hobbies include woodworking (yes, seriously), crushing it at table tennis & watching Royals games.

Fun fact: her background in hospitality includes being a 4.9 star uberX driver (mints, complimentary phone charger and all).




exec sous chef extraodinaire / clipboard master

Tyler. Let's talk about Tyler Teass for a second.

Two things sum up Tyler pretty well: A mighty ducks hat…… and a dinosaur jr. tshirt.
That is pretty much Tyler Teass in a nutshell.

Things Tyler is good at:
Buying sunbeam bread at harris teeter, going to the [Asian] Market, getting home later than he should, eating shitty chinese food at 3am after work (this ties into the previous skill), being sarcastic, taking his dog to the vet, slicing brisket, cooking pasta, twisting his ankle and obviously spilling food all over himself (as seen in the picture).

Things Tyler is not good at:

Fun fact: Tyler and Aaron met each other years ago in NYC, way before the idea of Rose's ever popped up. They both thought each other were a “strange cat". But, as luck would have it……..

Tyler has been at Rose's since the beginning. Actually, since before the beginning. Pop-ups, construction, Hogo . . . you name it. He has been a huge part of the Rose's family and we are glad to have him as our exec sous chef. A hard worker, a smart guy, and a great friend to all…he's another “keeper".




sous chef / guy still too new to have nicknames / paintball ringer

Interesting fact: Brodie Curtis was a ranked water polo player growing up in California. Another interesting fact: This has ZERO impact on anything he does at Rose's.

Having worked with Jose Andres for the last 5 years in LA and as Sous Chef at DC's Minibar, Brodie brings a finesse - and killer tweezers skills - to his work at Rose's (#tweezer-casual). An espresso junkie and storytelling enthusiast, Brodie's the guy you want to crack open a beer with at the end of a long service. Just don't ask him to watch your backpack for you.

Fun fact: Brodie is a twin.




creative / admin director

born and raised in the south. now a d.c. resident by way of nyc, Brooke helps out all over the place. part gardener, part fashion consultant, part drinking buddy, she lends her expertise wherever needed – which tends to be a lot of places these days. she is an avid collector of coozies and strictly avoids eating meat (with the exception of bacon and bbq of course).

loves tater tots, caviar, dive bars, dirty martinis, roofdecks, camping trips, and veggie-bacon-cheeseburgers. in that order.



uh…farmer duh.

kate lee (aka Farmer Kate), has roots all over the place, from georgia to virginia to hawaii, thanks to being an army brat.

she is helping to design, build and maintain the garden at Rose’s. her impressive knowledge of plants and flowers is exceeded only by her impressive fashion sense that continues to this day (don’t think for a second she’s not still rocking the gone with the wind look).

not only that, she’s cutthroat at a game of cribbage and throws killer late-night solo dance parties. also of note, she happens to be the Garden Director for the awesome DC Greens where you can learn more about…wait for it…RIGHT HERE!

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