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  • “I know you don't take reservations, but…" What's the deal with the no-reservations policy?

    Here at Rose's Luxury, we do not offer reservations but instead seat on a first-come, first-served basis. We maintain this practice for a few reasons. Our priority since opening has been to remain grounded as a neighborhood restaurant, and we want it to be possible for anyone to dine with us on any given evening without having to book a date several weeks in advance. That said, for parties of 6, 7, or 8 people, we do offer limited reservations inside our dining room and for parties of 8 - 12 on our enclosed roof garden so that larger groups can plan their visit. These limited reservations are available exclusively on our website and cannot be made over the phone.

    When are typical seating times every night and how does “the list" work?
    We open our doors at 5:00pm. As soon as the doors open, we begin seating guests and taking names to form our guest list that we use throughout the night to seat the restaurant.

    You walk in the door, and one of two things happen:
    1. You may be seated immediately if your entire party is present and we have an available table


    2. We add your name and phone number to our wait list for the evening. Our hosts will provide you with an estimated time range for your seating. Once we have your contact information, you are welcome to grab a drink in our bar area upstairs or to leave; we'll send you a text message when your seats are available later in the evening.

    That said, a line generally forms before we open our doors. Once we open for the evening, we take names in the order of arrival. Only one person needs to be present in order to be added to the list. We do not take any names over the phone for our wait list. In order to be seated, the whole party must be complete and present.

    As a reminder - we are a small restaurant and only have a finite number of tables; therefore wait times tend to escalate rather quickly. We can accommodate a parties of up to 6 people.

    Why did the French chef make an omelette with just one egg?
    Because one egg is an oeuf

    Can Rose's accommodate dietary restrictions?
    Our current menu denotes vegetarian dishes and our chefs will personally mark on menus to indicate dishes appropriate for the dietary restrictions or allergies of our guests. We want everyone who eats with us to do so happily and safely, so we take dietary allergies and/or restrictions very seriously.
    If you are unsure if you will be able to dine with us due to dietary restrictions, please email us - info@rosesluxury.com - and we'll do our best to communicate potential accommodations in advance.

    What's the corkage fee?
    $20 per bottle for the first 2 standard wine bottles; $40 for each additional bottle. Corkage fee for magnums is $40 each.

    Is it possible to eat dinner at the bar?
    Yes, but because we seat on a first-come, first-served basis, we do ask that everyone wait in line (if there is one) before heading upstairs to the bar. Please talk with the bartenders about eating at the bar. Because a bar is a more dynamic space than our main dining room, our bartenders do keep a separate list of those guests who are interested in eating dinner there so we can seat folks in the order they arrive. The bartenders cannot send text messages for bar seats, so if you're interested in eating at the bar, you must be present when your name is called.

    Not interested in dining at the bar? That's A-OK. We have a sofa and chair and additional bar stools throughout the space.

    Where do Gungans store pickles?
    In Jar Jars.*

    *Yes, we realize we're telling a joke about the worst character in the Star Wars universe. Please don't hold it against us; we're suckers for pickles AND bad puns so we just couldn't resist it.

    How do reservations work for the roof garden and for parties of 8 to 12 people? What happens if someone cancels their date?
    Reservations are released every Monday morning at 11:00am through our website.
    We offer a full week of dates, three weeks in advance, each Monday morning. Reservations cannot be made over the phone nor by email.

    If a reservation is canceled, we will add the date back to the reservation page and announce the newly available date through Instagram [@lastminutedinnerplans]. If you have additional questions, you can contact us at roofgarden@rosesluxury.com.

    Does Rose's offer rentals for private events?
    We are happy to discuss options for larger private parties -- we're always excited to help celebrate special occasions. Please email us with information about your event, including the number of people and preferred date(s) to info@rosesluxury.com. Private parties often require a full buyout of the restaurant.

    How can I share feedback about my experience?
    We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please email info@rosesluxury.com to share 'em.

    Do you offer gift cards?
    Yep. Gift cards may be purchased online here.
    They can be printed, emailed or texted to the recipient.

    “What's in a name? That which we call a rose…" So who is Rose?
    Rose was Chef Aaron Silverman's paternal grandmother. Aaron decided to name the restaurant after his grandmother, who was beloved by her family and friends for her poetry and frequent dinner parties. She enjoyed life and having fun -- two ideas we all strive to embody at the restaurant that bears her name in neon lights.

    717 8th Street, SE Washington, DC 20003

    What are my transportation options and is parking available nearby?
    We're about a 10 minute walk from the Eastern Market metro station (orange and blue lines).

    If you're driving, metered parking options abound on 8th Street SE, in the parking lot underneath the 295 overpass (on 8th Street, SE, between I and Virginia Ave SE), as well as along some neighboring streets. Valet parking is not available.

    Taxis are sometimes available as they travel towards the Eastern Market metro station but we also suggest using Uber and Lyft as they're quite efficient in Washington DC.

    What does our line cook say after observing a moment of silence when she starts boiling pasta water?
    “RIP water; soon, you'll be mist."

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